• Can children race at your club ?            Yes we have many children racing on a weekly basis we even run                                                                      separate races just for children 

  • Can i use any car at your club ?             We only allow battery powered vehicles at the club most are 1/10th                                                                      scale it can be a truck buggy or rally car If it can go over the ramps                                                                      your welcome to run it 

  • How do you count my Laps ?                 We use a computerised system to count the laps this is done by

                                                                         a transponder fitted in to your car then as you pass the start line a                                                                             signal  is sent from your car to our computer 

  • Whats a transponder ?                           A transponder is a small box about 15 mm square that sends the                                                                         signal do not panic to much about this we have club hand outs and                                                                     an expert is always on hand to help you get this sorted

  • What  is the BRCA ?                               The BRCA is British  Radio Car Association these are the people that                                                                   make the rules we follow 

  • Do I Need Insurance to Race ?             Yes  but don't be put off if your just wanting to have a go to see if                                                                         you or your child will take to racing then any club affiliated to the                                                                         BRCA can cover your insurance for your first 3 race meetings with                                                                       no cost to you after 3 meetings you will need insurance but by                                                                             joining the BRCA your insurance is included this years BRCA cost is                                                                   £20 per person 

​    Is your club Affiliated to the BRCA          Yes

  • Can I charge my car at the club ?        Yes we have 240V power available  there  are rules about charging                                                                    but we will explain this on your first visit

  • Do I need a table & Chair ?                  No we provide them all we ask is you put them back once your done

  • Do I need to join your club ?                No you are welcome to race as a non member

  • Do I have to Marshal Races ?              Yes every driver (unless disability prevents you)  must marshal we                                                                       try our best to ensure young children only marshal the slower races                                                                   and encourage help from parents                                                              

  • Do I have to help set up the track                                                                                                                        and pack away  ?                                   All though we can not make you help it is frowned upon those that                                                                      don't                                                                                                                                                                            By  helping the organisers and other racers the job  gets done a lot                                                                    faster  after all many hands make light work                                              

  • How does the racing work ?               When you arrive make yourself know to a member of the team theirs                                                                  normally one at race control  they will explain what you need to do       

  • How many races will I get ?                We normally run 4 qualifying rounds  and a final for all classes                

  • Do I need special tyres ?                    We do have tyre rules in place but this is for the faster more                                                                                  experienced driver  most  starting out cars are normally slow enough                                                                 not to cause concern we can  advise you on your first visit                       

  • Do you have a club shop ?                Yes we sell tyres  & shock tower protection                                                

  • What is shock protection ?                 Shock tower protection is a small plastic cap that fits on most buggies                                                                to protect the carpet from damage if you car turns over                           

  • Do I need shock protection ?             Yes depending on what type of car you are running                                  

  • Can I visit the club without                                                                                                                                racing ?                                              Yes you are welcome to visit us just make yourself known at race                                                                        control as we need to make sure you stay safe ​

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